Online payment
The following link will take you to another of our sites. There we offer you the facility to make an online payment. Typically this is to settle an invoice.
The first page is for your details. This page is a normal web page.
The second stage, where your payment card details are taken, uses the secure HTTPS encryption protocol and so your web browser must be able to handle this (most do). This step is handled by an online bank, SecPay.
If you would like all stages of the transaction to be under this encryption, then simply change the first part of the address in the address bar from http:// to read https:// and press enter, or click on the GO button (if your browser has it).
If you get a message saying something like 'The certificate signer is unknown', or 'unable to verify the identity of the site'. Don't worry. Simply check that the issuer is UK1 - us - and continue. The message is simply raised because the certificate was not pre-installed in your browser by the browser software company. The encryption is just as strong.
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